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Editing Services

Copy Editing - I will check for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. As well as wordiness and jargon.

Proofreading - When the material is finished, edited, formatted, etc. I will check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Any small text or formatting errors.

Sensitivity Reading - I will check for misrepresentation, offensive content, stereotypes, ableist language, or any other potential issues when writing marginalized characters.

Fairy Lights

50,000 to 99,999 words - $300

100,000 words plus - $400

(each additional 50,000 words add $50)

49,999 or less - $200

10,000 or less - $0.005 per word

I have experience sensitivity reading for Mexican American character representation and the disability Cerebral Palsy. Anxiety, depression, pregnancy, and potentially ableist representation

My debut traditionally published novel will be released in September 2024 


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