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Magic in the Air

September 17, 2024 - Rising Action Publishing Collective

Olivia knows everything about Addersfield, Rhode Island; she knows that the town has been a haven for witches since 1697—and she also knows that a newcomer, her annoyingly handsome and much-too-friendly neighbor is hiding more than an addiction to the magic-spiked sweets she sells at her bakery.

Creative Simple Minimalistic Paper Cut Romance Book Cover (7).webp
A Touch of Love

February 2025 - Conquest Publishing

Set against the backdrop of 1890s New York, ELIJAH JAMESON is an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy who just inherited a steel fortune, a fancy townhouse, and a free pass to enter into New York City high society. Except he doesn’t want any of it. He’d prefer to go back to his life before. The only problem is his little sister. He wants the best for her, and his new position will give her that. Enter Isabella Marin, a pushy, stubborn, pain-in-the-ass socialite who’s agreed to be his sister’s mentor in high society.

ISABELLA MARIN wants to be far away from the city and the social season, helping her father with the family business. Unfortunately, being a young woman in New York City high society means she has obligations. As one of the only Mexican American families in a position of power, they certainly can’t afford any missteps. She needs to find a husband quickly. Instead, she finds herself locked in verbal sparring matches with Elijah Jameson, the boy she left in another life.

No matter how much she likes Elijah, Isabella knows they can never be together. No respectable man wants a wife sullied by scandal. If he knew what she’d done, he would never look at her the same. Even though Elijah has fallen for Isabella, he is certain he has no chance. Because even with his vast fortune, society will never see them as equals. 

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Anna has never paid much attention to Blake. He's always just been there. Her best friend Spencer's big brother.

But when she agrees to fake date him to help Spencer out, she realizes that Blake may just be exactly what she's always wanted.

A Whole New Me

A Whole New Me is a standalone friends to lovers romance.

Tessa has something to prove, and she wants to use Ricky to do it.

She's not surprised when he agrees to her friends with benefits plan, but she is surprised when it seems like Ricky wants more than she's willing to give.

Can she keep Ricky without giving him hope for something more?

Because Tessa won't let this be love.

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