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Magic in the Air

September 17, 2024 - Rising Action Publishing Collective

MAGIC IN THE AIR melds the enchantment of "Witch, Please" with the romance of "The Ex Hex," introducing a Latina witch with cerebral palsy whose quest for love and magic redefines enchanting storytelling.

Olivia Ayala has mastered the art of blending the perfect ingredients to create magical confections in her small-town bakery in Addersfield, Rhode Island—a sanctuary for witches since 1697. As a fiercely independent single mom and a powerful witch, Olivia has crafted a life of sweet serenity for herself and her son, navigating the challenges of cerebral palsy with strength and grace. But beneath the surface of her contented life, a whisper of loneliness lingers.

Enter Draven James: charming, annoyingly handsome, and mysteriously capable of finding a town hidden from the outside world. His arrival stirs the air and Olivia's heart, igniting a spark she hadn't realized was missing. Draven's easy smile and unsettling secrets weave a new spell around her life, tempting Olivia with the prospect of a love as wild and unpredictable as magic itself.

But not all is as it seems. As Olivia falls deeper under Draven's enchanting allure, questions arise. What secrets does Draven hide behind his charismatic façade? And could his mysterious past threaten the safety of their haven and the future Olivia dreams of?

MAGIC IN THE AIR invites you to lose yourself in the quaint streets of Addersfield, where magic mingles with the everyday and love blossoms in the most unexpected places. Featuring a cast of characters as enchanting as the spells they weave, this spicy romcom celebrates the magic of love, the power of community, and the strength of a woman who stands firmly in her own power.

A Touch of Love

February 2025 - Conquest Publishing

Creative Simple Minimalistic Paper Cut Romance Book Cover (7).webp

Set against the backdrop of 1890s New York, ELIJAH JAMESON is an ordinary guy. An ordinary guy who just inherited a steel fortune, a fancy townhouse, and a free pass to enter into New York City high society. Except he doesn’t want any of it. He’d prefer to go back to his life before. The only problem is his little sister. He wants the best for her, and his new position will give her that. Enter Isabella Marin, a pushy, stubborn, pain-in-the-ass socialite who’s agreed to be his sister’s mentor in high society.

ISABELLA MARIN wants to be far away from the city and the social season, helping her father with the family business. Unfortunately, being a young woman in New York City high society means she has obligations. As one of the only Mexican American families in a position of power, they certainly can’t afford any missteps. She needs to find a husband quickly. Instead, she finds herself locked in verbal sparring matches with Elijah Jameson, the boy she left in another life.

No matter how much she likes Elijah, Isabella knows they can never be together. No respectable man wants a wife sullied by scandal. If he knew what she’d done, he would never look at her the same. Even though Elijah has fallen for Isabella, he is certain he has no chance. Because even with his vast fortune, society will never see them as equals. 

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